You can plan your holiday with the help of GyőrCard, as you have three months from the purchase to activate it. The 24, or 48 hours period of validity is counted from the time of the activation, to provide you the chance to give this card as a gift, or as a pleasure package for your beloved ones or friends. With activation the card is registered with a name, so due to the Smart QR-code the user may easily activate it himself/herself.

Beyond the information related to the accepting points, and the services provided free of charge or at reduced prices, you can find temporary, unique offers on our website. Due to this fact, you will have the chance to organize your journey in advance: What events do you want to take part during your stay?; Where do you want to travel to?; What are the accepting places you are the most interested in?

Via the online google maps-support, our website will take the burdens off your shoulders to navigate in Győr, as by using the navigation function you can easily get from one accepting point to another.

GyőrCard is environment friendly, Smart QR-code based, so for its usage you do not even need a plastic card. After the purchase you will receive the card immediately in PDF format, which you can use with the aid of your smart device or in printed version, by providing ultimate comfort and safety – hence you cannot lose your card.

The card remains a useful tool even after its expiry, as it provides the possibility for us to inform our customers about the forthcoming highlighted events and tourist attractions of Győr.


Each type of the GyőrCard provides a discount on the fee of services at a number of places. The places are listed under “Győr attractions included” on the website.

You can choose between GyőrCard 24 and GyőrCard 48, valid for 24 or 48 hours, respectively.

The validity of the card starts at activation. The activation can be performed by you as the owner of the card, on our website, or the first place you use the card at. Therefore when you have a 24 hour card activated at 9:35 Friday morning, it will expire at 9:35 Saturday morning. This means at 9:34 you can still enter the baths, or any other place offering a discount.

With the 24 hour GyőrCard you can choose 3 out of 8 services you can use for free. After using the 3 free entries, you can buy a discounted ticket for the remaining places. In the description of the places you will see “Free/ % discount on the entrance fee”.

With the 48 hour GyőrCard, there are more services to choose from. 5 out of 10 services can be used for free, and you can visit the remaining with a discounted ticket. As a special offer, you can visit the Füles Bastion and the Hefter Glass Gallery in Pannonhalma for free as well.

Besides with both the 24 and the 48 hour card you can use the baggage storage in the Visitors’ Centre for free, and do the Explore the City Game. When you finish the game successfully, you are entitled to a small gift.


Buy the card online

Choose the card you wish to purchase, and one of the payment methods (bank card, PayPal, or cash).

a. When you buy the card paying online, the card is sent to you in an email, in pdf format, which you can either print out or use on your smart device.

b. When you buy the card paying cash, you can get your card printed out in the Visitors’ Centre at Baross street, Győr, within 10 days following your order.

Following the online purchase, you will receive an email. By clicking on the QR code in the email, within 3 days following the purchase you can customize and activate your card.

Buy the card at the sales points

You can buy your GyőrCard in the form of a plastic card at our retail points. The retail points are listed under “Győr attractions included”.

In this case, following the purchase you can customize and activate the card at the sales point, or the first place of interest you visit with the card.

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