#Mobile our guide; #Interactive tour Túrám
The application accompanies you throughout the historic city centre of Győr as a tour guide. The route - illustrated by maps and photos- does not only show the particular buildings, but gives an insight into the history of the city in the medieval era. It is a really exciting and amusing, as well as an interactive application either for the tourists or for the city dwellers. The application provides 170 freely downloadable additional routes in cities, forests, museums and castles. After downloading and saving the „Győri városnézés” route can be either used offline.

Download: iOS / Android
#Multimedia adventure tour
#Online legends

Free Tourist Guide
It is an online guiding system, which provides the opportunity to explore the notable sights of the city of Győr. Via the application you can read texts, listen to audio materials, and look at photos to become familiar with the local legends and to get to know the highlighted historical moments. The application operates with QR-code reading. Come and visit us in the Visitors’ Centre for the brochure that contains the codes (21. Baross G. str.).
1. Download the application!
2. Read the QR-code!
3. Utilize the possibilities provided by the application!
4. Start the adventure!

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