Do you want to explore the sights of Győr on your own? Do you wish to have the city map in your hands?

You can download our recommendations for walking routes in the city centre in PDF format from this website, and print them, or save them and use them in offline mode on your mobile. You can have detailed brochures about the sights in the Visitors’ Centre in the middle of the pedestrian street.

Click here to download our city map in pdf format!

Are you into online sightseeing of the 21st century? In this case, you are suggested to download free one of the three mobile applications. With their help you will be able to explore the sights of the city in an enjoyable way.

Whether you have a map or a mobile in one of your hands, in the other one you can have an ice cream just to make your stay sweeter.

You will surely find the most suitable option from the listed ones below:

  • Traditional, on request printable city map, with a recommended city route
  • In Túrám application, you can register POI-s and routes you haven’t tried yet, by giving new tips for other users.
  • The Free Tourist Guide operates by reading QR-code, showing the sights along with the legends.

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An overview of the sights and recommended sightseeing routes in Győr and its surroundings. Click on a route or marker on the map for further information!