Aqua Sport Centre

Handed over in the end of 2014, the Aqua Sport Centre is the most modern sport swimming complex in the Western Transdanubian region. The facility, also housing a 50m swimming pool, is part of the Olympic sports complex, to be fully completed by 2017. The facility hosts various prestigious national and international swimming and water polo competitions.

Insured discounts for GyőrCard holders: 30% of the following ticket prices:

3 órás:

Original price for adults: 1100 Ft

GyőrCard-price: 770 Ft

Original price for students / seniors: 900 Ft

GyőrCard-price: 630 Ft

Whole day:

Original price for adults: 1300 Ft

GyőrCard-price: 910 Ft

Original price for students / seniors: 1100 Ft

GyőrCard-price: 770 Ft


Original price: Ticket+ 900 Ft

GyőrCard-price: Ticket (GyőrCard price) + 630 Ft

Daily special offer (Mo-Fri, from 9 am to 2 pm):
Original price: 700 Ft
GyőrCard-price: 490 Ft

Free entry for the children under 6 years!

Opening hours:

Monday-Friday: 5:30-21:30

Saturday: 6:00-21:30

Sunday: 6:00-20:00