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Five Churches Festival

Five Churches Festival

The churches of Újváros await visitors with a wide variety programs. It is the 14th time these programs have been organized this year.

There is no beer, no hot dog at his festival, there is though some kind of a spiritual mood and devotion, a lot of getting to know each other’s religion and love. This is our holiday, where year by year, evening by evening the lights go up in a different church of Újváros, the lights of tolerance and peace.

Distant shining of the stars, the flood of cold light from metropolises can’t compete with the lights of our churches, because these are the churches of our common cultures, the monuments of our common faith.

These walls guard the happy moments of our ancestors, their big pains and for the 12th year, the memories of our festival. These are our lights, they shine farther every year, they reflect in more eyes evening by evening.

Be our guest this spring again, in the five churches of one street!

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