Lake Achilles Leisure Park and Resort-Village

Lake Achilles Leisure Park and Resort-Village are situated five kilometres from the city of Győr, on the banks of the picturesque Holt-Marcal river, in the neighbourhood of a landscape protection area. The four-acre lake, which forms the park's base, is surrounded by untouched forests and reeds. On the beach, you can enjoy excellent water quality, sunbathing on a sandy shore and grass-covered ground. Our guests are welcome on the coast to use the facilities of kayak and boat rental service. A sanded football pitch and a beach volleyball court await sports lovers, not to mention the playground waiting for young children.

The heart’ of the Achilles park is the Aphrodite spring -covered with white marble -situated opposite the entrance. The hydrogen carbonate mineral water containing calcium and magnesium has excellent physiological effects.


Opening hours from 1st June to 31st August:

Daily 10:00-20:00