Casemates of the Castle – Lapidary (Rómer Flóris Art and Historical Museum)

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Italian architects designed and managed the construction works of the grandiose castle walls around the entire city in the XVI. century.

The wall was constructed from seven – made of burnt bricks – flank bastions and half bastions, which were connected with casemate corridors in the walls to locate the cannons inside to defend the castle.

The only remnants of the huge complex today are the Castle bastion around Chapter’s Hill and the Sforza Half-bastion that defended the former Vienna Gate. In the casemates and on the court of the latter, you can find the lapidary, in which - among others - you can see the remaining carvings of the former Vienna Gate, and the damaged gate leaves of the former Gate of Fehérvár.

In the casemate corridors you can visit an exhibition displaying Roman tombstones, sarcophagi, milestones and brick collection.

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